Massage College

Spring Classes

We’re now enrolling students for 2015 Spring classes which begin in March. We also offer financial aid to qualified students. Contact us with questions.


Financial Aid

We’re now a SWIC Accredited Institution! Financial aid plans, placement assistance, including payment plans, also available.


Massage Clinic

50-Minute Massage for $25.
80-Minute Massage for $37.
80-Minute Hot Stone Massage $45. 110-Minute Massage for $50.



Massage Therapy Training

massage therapy training

Massage Therapy Training

The Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage (ICSMM) is an Indiana state accredited massage school for massage therapy and bodywork. We are family-owned and all of our courses are taught by nationally certified, practicing massage therapists.
As a privately-owned school for massage therapy, Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage offers small classroom sizes in order to nurture each individual student’s needs and learning styles. This helps ensure that our students get the most out of their learning experience from both the instructors and their peers.
Our goal at ICSMM is to teach all of our students the most marketable and effective therapeutic techniques for a career in spa, wellness, sports or medical settings or for owning their own massage therapy business.
Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage also provides a hands-on learning experience for all students through our Massage Clinic. The clinic allows students to integrate therapy styles that they have learned at ICSMM into a comprehensive treatment plan for clients by practicing on volunteers from the general public.


Pursue Excellence in the Training of Compassionate, Clinical, and Client–Focused Massage Therapists.

Excellence: Staff, Faculty, and Student Therapists consistently pursue Excellence through practice of self-evaluation and improvement as demonstrated by outstanding work ethic and client outcomes.

Compassionate: Therapists genuinely care about the pain of others and work collaboratively to respond to the needs of clients in dynamic and meaningful ways.

Clinical: Therapists integrate eclectic assessment and treatment protocols with the confidence to identify and assist the client in resolving the root cause of dysfunction.

Client-Focused: Therapists, recognizing the individuality of each client, actively listen to and engage the client in his/her individual healing process while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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